Dweia (delevia) wrote in i_hate__you,

I hate Swedish grammar tests. It's horrible!

And I also hates school for being such a booring waste of time.

And I so hate Emma for being such a nooby emo kid all the time. And for being a noob. And for being so damned pissed at me when I want to spend time with other persons. And becase she gets crancy in a bad fucking way all the time, and gets pissed at me. Shes like, having PMS 24/7 all the year. And i hate her because she is a selfish bitch who just wine all the fuckin time.

And I hate Åsa because she hangs after me and my friends (especially me) all the time even though we have nothing in common. And she is also an emo kid. And she's been an emo kid since first grade (that was nine years ago). And because she's creepy. And stinks horse all the time (nothing wrong with horses, but you aren't supposed to fell the smell of it ten metres away!). Och, not only horse, it's more like horse shit!

And I hate all those dog owners that doesn't pick up the dog shit. Instead they just leaves the poop there on the road where people are walking.
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