Anne Nihilate (annenihilate) wrote in i_hate__you,
Anne Nihilate

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Hiya. I'm new.
And I hate stuff.
Here's some of what I hate:

- ignorant people
- 16 year old girls who think they are in love (alright well girls between 13 and 17)
- teenage girls who think they are engaged when their boyfriend at the time gives them a $30 ring that just happens to fit their ring finger
- yahoo messenger
- Sprint cellphone service
- dial-up internet connections
- read-only mode

And yeah. :D
I'm bitter about teenage girls.
It's weird. But I love it. XD

p.s. I realize the last four aren't really people... but I hate the people that won't fix their shit!!
And I hate anybody that had anything to do with the creation of yahoo messenger. Because it just overall sucks. :)
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