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noone posts in im gunna ^_^

s0, by a show of hands who thinks its fun/hilarious to prank call those you can't stand? *throws hand in air* well, its when those people call back over and over and over again that pisses me off. like...before, me and my friend ryan decided we were board and were gunna prank roudolf since we already did nick(other guy thats funny to call) i used my sister's cell cuz' im not thooopid enought to use mine. and this little bitch left a threatening message on her fone for me saying a buncha weird shit that i couldn't understand cuz' the kids got a speach problem, all i understood was "fucking whore" and "im gunna see you in township and kick your ass you whore" blahblahblah *giggle* it would have been funny if he wasnt a moron and got the right number x_o haha. as much as i hate my sister, hes much more fun to tourture so i felt the need to correct his error. and let me tell you, if that kid comes to township i will enjoy making the next 3 years of his life a living hell. *evil grin* ill beat that bitch to the ground faster then you can say "fagget"
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